ABOUT Equiere

Behind the Brand

CEO & Founding director Emma Keogh is from Dublin, Ireland. She spent every opportunity possible at the stables. At seventeen Emma moved to Kilkenny to attend a professional equestrian training college to become a coach, groom and educator. She achieved the British Horse Society Stage 4 Senior Coach (BHSII) qualification and Horse Sport Ireland’s Level 1 coaching certificate. Throughout her career, Emma has successfully managed many equestrian sectors in Ireland and enjoyed coaching many students across the country. In addition, Emma returned to college to study Psychology, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. As part of her Psychology Thesis, she developed a research programme which investigated the Psychological Benefits of Equine-Assisted for Early School Leavers. The positive interactions all equestrians are innately aware of already. This programme was a huge success and through the power of equine interactions, many young people learned how to positively manage their challenging behavior.


Through intensive research and valuable consumer insight, Emma identified a gap in the market. She has always had the same problems with riding breeches and found it hard to find a pair that ticked all the boxes, comfort, support, function, style and now, more importantly, sustainable options. She wondered if anyone else felt like me. It turned out a very high percentage of riders did!

Emma then became determined to find a better solution for the modern rider Emma and her team ride, train, and compete regularly. As a result, they understand the tough environment and weather conditions to which equestrian wear is exposed. In addition, they also care greatly about the impact fast fashion and unethical sourcing of products have on the environment and about the rights of the people who supply the products.

The entire Equieire team works hard every day to provide the equestrian community with the best equestrian wear on the market.


Early in the process, Emma decided she would like a meaningful name for her brand. She wanted it two represent the two things she loved the most, Ireland and its incredible horses. It was then she thought of the name EQUI-EIRE. Emma knew right away that this was the name she was searching for. 

The three-horse heads allude to the important collection that is felt between the horse, and the rider and how our products are designed to harmonize their relationship. 

Combing her childhood passion for horses with the desire to create something of her own was a life-long goal and ‘Equieire’ a brand she dreamt up as a child was born!

Irish Equestrian sportswear brand