Business Concept

Through intensive research and valuable consumer insight, Emma identified a gap in the equestrian clothing market. Emma found that she has always had the same problems with riding breeches and found it hard to find a pair that ticked all the boxes - comfort, support, function, style and now, more importantly, sustainable options. She wondered if anyone else felt the same and decided to conduct her own research to find out more.

It turned out that she was onto something and a very high percentage of riders shared her frustrations with their riding wardrobe! As a result, Emma then became determined to find a better solution for the modern rider.

Emma and her team ride, train, and compete regularly. As a result, they understand the tough environment and weather conditions to which equestrian wear is exposed. In addition, they also care greatly about the impact fast fashion and unethical sourcing of products have on the environment and about the rights of the people who supply the products.

As a result the Equieire team work hard to bring ethically sourced, sustainable products to the market with the comfort and durability needed for the modern rider who wants to feel good and look good with a clear conscience.




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