Compression Riding Tights

Unique to Equieire and different to riding leggings, our riding tights are a hybrid between traditional breeches and athleisure style leggings. Expertly designed for ladies providing a shapewear fit with light compression. A number one choice for riders who find leggings too light and are looking for an alternative to traditional breeches.

Best Seller.

Best Selling Ladies Favourite. Only Available at Equieire.

Aisling Riding Leggings

Our Aisling riding leggings are made from a lightweight technical fabric. They are expertly designed for equestrian athletes and offer the comfort and fit of athleisure wear but with the functionality needed for riders.

We care, we only use recycled fabrics for our riding leggings.

Olivia Breeches

Meet Olivia the latest edition to Equieire's best selling collection. Technically designed for equestrian athletes using a luxury Ultra-Flex fabric that is unique to Equieire. The Olivia breeches provide all day comfort and style and are guaranteed to be the most comfortable breeches you will find.

Designed to fit like athleisure but with the elegance, style & functionally found in a traditional breech.

Wear the Change you Want to See. Ethically Produced & Made from Recycled Materials.

Olivia Breeches

Ok, I rode in these ALL day today. Dressage rides, where I had a lot of sitting work, jumping courses on green horses, and hacking out. I am serious when I say, they were the most comfortable breeches EVER! With all my other breeches, if I’m riding 5+ every day, I get rubbed quite raw with the seams. With these, I stayed so comfortable. The material is amazing.

Darcy Barnett USA