Molly | Full-Seat Competition Tights

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Size: XS

Color: White

Material: 81% Recycled Polyester 19% Spandex

Introducing the Molly - Full-Seat Grip Riding Tights by Equieire

Unique to Equieire and distinct from regular riding leggings, our riding tights blend the classic features of traditional breeches with the comfort of athleisure leggings. Specifically designed for women, they offer a shapewear fit for a flattering silhouette. The Molly Full-Seat Competition Riding Tights are the top choice for riders seeking a substantial alternative to lightweight leggings and traditional breeches. With high opacity, non-see-through fabric, and strain-proofing for whites, they provide unmatched confidence and performance in the saddle. Ethically produced from recycled fabrics, they offer superior comfort, style, and functionality.


Technical Features

High Opacity: Ensures complete coverage and confidence while riding.

Strain-Proofing: Specially designed to keep white fabric pristine.

Ethically Produced: Crafted from recycled fabrics, aligning with sustainable practices.

Full-Seat Grip: Provides superior stability and control in the saddle.

Shapewear Fit: Tailored for women, offering a flattering silhouette.

Competition-Ready: Designed specifically for competitive riding, meeting rigorous demands.


Unique Selling Points

Hybrid Design: Combines traditional breeches with athleisure leggings for ultimate comfort.

Exclusive to Equieire:  Uniquely crafted riding tights not available elsewhere.

Confidence in the Saddle: High opacity and non-see-through fabric ensure riders feel secure.

Top Choice: Preferred by riders seeking a substantial alternative to lightweight leggings and traditional breeches.

Performance and Style: Offers unmatched confidence, comfort, and functionality for riders in competition settings.