Meet the People Behind the Brand

Equieire was born from a great passion for horses and equestrian sports by its founders, Emma Keogh and Jonathan Finnegan.  Emma and Jonathan are a husband and wife team who between them have in-depth knowledge of both the sport horse and thoroughbred industry.

The Equieire brand was established in 2021 with a vision to create a line of sustainable equestrian products that are optimized for the needs of the modern rider – function, elegance, versatility and performance.

Equieire prides itself on quality, style, and performance.  Equieire is about feeling good and looking good. Most importantly, Equieire is about considering all aspects of the environment.  Equieire’s clothing is designed to suit and adapt to the fluctuating weather conditions allowing riders to make the conscious choice to choose clothing that is durable and will stand the test of time. All Equieire products are manufactured with sustainability and consideration for the environment in mind.

Emma has always enjoyed sports and has had a passion for horses since childhood.  As a lover of animals and nature, Emma is able to use past experiences to create extremely comfortable pieces that are high performing and help the wearer to feel good.

Jonathan has also always had a passion for horses since childhood and grew up in the racing sphere of the equestrian industry.  Jonathan’s father was a professional flat jockey and is now an established thoroughbred breeder.  This background has allowed Jonathan to gain valuable industry experience in the equestrian diagnostic sector.  Jonathan worked in the Irish Equine Centre before moving on to work in Weatherbys where his work centered around genetic diseases in horses and cattle.  Having completed an MBA, Jonathan has now moved into managing human medical testing now as lab manager of Enfer Medical.

Emma and Jonathan have combined and blended their experience and knowledge to create a fluid balance between emerging fashion trends and technical fabrics that are studied and designed for specific use.




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