Brand Story


About the Name

Early in the process Emma decided she would like a meaningful and memorable name for the brand.  She wanted it to represent the two things she loves the most – firstly Ireland and secondly the Irish history and affinity with horses.

It was then she thought of the name EQUI-EIRE.  Emma knew right away that this was the name she was searching for.


About the Logo

Emma used her own horse ‘Charlie Brown’ to create the silhouette of the horse head that is repeated in a pattern to produce the Equieire logo design.  Emma wanted to align this with the brand theme.  As a result, she chose to use a Celtic Trinity layout that has meaningful connotations with old Irish knotwork.

“The three-horse heads allude to the important connection that is felt between the horse and the rider and how our products are designed to harmonize their relationship”

In Equieire Emma has achieved one of her lifelong goals - to combine her passion for horses with her desire and ambition to create something unique that brings her creativity to life.

Equieire is the realisation of Emma’s childhood dreams and in turn has shown her own child PJ that dreams can come true through years of hard work while never losing your vision or your self-belief.

Gold Equieire logo, three horse heads, Celtic design




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