Rider-Centered Designs

Rider Based Designs

Equieire is an Irish brand with a clear vision - we want to offer a unique range of high-quality sustainable sportswear for the modern rider. Our designs are based on the insights and feedback we received from hundreds of real life equestrians, who are tired of riding and working in thick and often uncomfortable breeches and tights.

The team at Equieire decided it was time to step up and adjust equestrian sportswear to suit and match the needs of the modern sport. Our innovative sportswear is made using an ultra-stretch fabric and is designed to create the most sustainable and ethical equestrian sportswear on the market.

The most important thing for us is providing our riders with maximum comfort and function. As riders, we know the tough environment that riding clothes are exposed to, and we also know how hard-working equestrians are. We are a customer-centric brand and as a result, our sportswear is designed with our customer at the forefront. 

Icons which let customers know our product features max comfort, support, style and our made from recycled fabrics.





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