Earth-friendly Fabrics

Equieire prides itself on high-quality, ethically sourced fabrics and materials.  Each piece is designed in Ireland with you and your horse in mind.  Through using the most innovative technologies and fabrics and a level of design that truly stands out, our sportswear is kicking up a fuss in the equestrian industry.

Using sustainable and ultra-comfortable materials, Equireire makes Earth-first essentials for equestrians.  As part of its commitment to give back, Equieire plans to support educational and equine welfare programmes!

Equieire products feature athleisure wear style and comfort in in their high-performance sportswear collection.  Made from recycled fabrics like regenerated nylon, polyester and organic cotton.

With minimal footprint and maximum comfort, Equiere has something for everyone looking to make an impact one stride at a time.


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